Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 [Video]

Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 [Video]

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Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 [Video]: Excel at video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and gain vital insights into the best editing practices

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC multimedia application is used for video editing. It’s also great for editing motion pictures for film and television.

In this course, you will gain insights into the different types of workflow, using a flexible and optimized configuration to ease your work. You will see how to do precise edits with the Trim tool to further refine your production and use its excellent Multicam feature to help you edit productions with more than one camera ease. You will also delve into video effects to see how they can make your production come to life and adjust them so that they can be adapted and enhanced over time. You’ll use Chroma and Luma keying to make beautiful, professional-looking scenes with just a green screen and a still graphic. You’ll enhance your audio by implementing audio editing effects and enhancements, and even remove unwanted noise from recorded audio. Finally, you’ll step outside Premiere Pro and see how it works with other programs in the Creative Suite.

  • Delivering content that’s optimized for any screen or platform faster than ever
  • Discover the advanced editing features including the trim tool and the Multicam function to get more precise edits with the trim tool to further refine their production
  • Apply video effects and see how they can make your production come to life
  • Make a stunning and professional-looking scene with just a green screen and a still graphic using Chroma and Luma Keying
  • Sweeten your audio by editing, adding effects, and enhancing or even removing unwanted noise from recorded audio
  • Give your production its own unique style by having fun with the color correction tools!
  • Step outside of Premiere Pro see how it can work with other programs in the Creative Suite
  • Join After Effects and PhotoShop files into Premiere, as well as exporting your audio track into an audition for even more audio post-production

By the end of the course, you’ll be fully up to speed with Adobe Premiere Pro and able to create stunning videos in no time! Please note that prior basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro is assumed for taking this course.


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